STUDY: Gender differences are real when it comes to loving spicy foods

The full paper can be found here (if you want to pay $35.95 for it).  We have a lot of questions about this study, but we think a better investment is in 3 bottles of Pepper Sauce. So, just read this summary from Forbes.

In our own experience, there is about an even split between men and women who like spicy food, despite the traditional stigma  that men are more likely to like it. However, we also notice that men who are not interested in spicy food apologize to us  before trying, (and then LOVING, our Pepper Sauces ( in particular our special NYC Rooftop Pepper Sauce  is a great starting point).
Our Facebook fans  split evenly along gender lines, although we seem to overrepresent women relative to Facebook as a whole (see chart).
Our Facebook fan breakdown
We believe we make the realest Pepper Sauce you can buy because we strive after our goal to highlight the flavors of the fresh produce we use. That means everyone can enjoy it for any reason from flavor to more heat.

We make all our Pepper Sauces with fresh ingredients, without sugar, and with 90% less salt. Flavor. Not just heat.

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