How to use A&B American Style: Sous Vide Bloody Mary

Sous Vide Bloody Mary from Trends on Trends and Gastronomista

Courtesy of the exquisite minds of Trends on Trends and the Gastronomista comes a recipe from the future. Sous Vide Bloody Mary brings the classic Bloody Mary together with the new-to-the-home-cook technique of sous vide.

From Trends on Trends:

This cocktail, made in partnership with is made with fresh ingredients rather than preserved (with the exception of Worcester Sauce and Hot Sauce) including fresh beefsteak tomatoes, fresh bird-chile peppers, whole white peppercorns, whole mustard seed, bay leaves, and fresh lemon peel for a bright citrus-y zip.  All of the ingredients go into the sous vide bag and cook for an hour.


Note that our Pepper Sauce is made with all fresh ingredients with the specific goal of bringing out the bright flavors of the natural produce that we use. That makes our Pepper Sauces the best ingredient for this new take on the classic Bloody Mary.

What do you think? Is this Sous Vide Bloody Mary as good as our March Hare? Let us know! We're @ABAmericanStyle on all your favorite social media.

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