Rooftop Farming: Local chilies thanks to Brooklyn Grange!

Brooklyn Grange
The Brooklyn Grange Farm is amazing. They have two locations, one in Queens and one in Brooklyn. They've turned two boring rooftops into glorious urban farms growing all types of fresh produce according to organic principles. The food they grow is amazing and delicious. In addition, awareness and education programs they do with City Growers are worth supporting and expanding. Reaching more people sooner to make fresh food a part of their lives can be crucial to improving overall health in America.

Thank you to Ben, Brad, Anastasia and the rest of the crew for doing so much to raise awareness of urban farming.

Right now, the Brooklyn Grange Farm in Queens is growing chilies for us (YAY!). We are now accepting pre-orders of a special batch of our Pepper Sauce, available for you in early September.

Take a look at our Instagram below (#nofilter) at our chilies starting to blush.

They'll be ready for sauce in just a few weeks when you can expect extra special flavor, not just heat.

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