November 17, 2012


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Thanksgiving, American Style

Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman
Thanksgiving is coming up. It’s a great holiday where most of us eat way too much food. It’s the start of the holiday season throughout which we will continue to eat way too much food. Until January 1, when we decide to go on a diet for the next year. That’s a fun American Style tradition. 
We love tradition.

We also love to interpret tradition loosely and to experiment with new things. That’s how we created A&B American Style Pepper Sauce (and how you first tried it!). So, this week we’ll be bringing you a few ideas to add some additional flavor to your Thanksgiving (not just heat).

The first thing to do is make Turkey Stock. Make it before Thanksgiving and use it in your gravy. Make it after Thanksgiving because waste is disrespectful to the bird, to the farmer who raised it, and to your taste buds, which will benefit from the unctuousness of turkey stock in so many everyday recipes.

Here’s the easiest way to make stock:
Ingredients: Turkey bones, Water
Directions: Put turkey in pot, cover with water, heat just below a simmer for a long time

Here’s Michael Ruhlman, the guy who helps Thomas Keller write cookbooks, teaching you how to make your stock even better:
Before Thanksgiving (complete with cocktail)
When making the TurkShot, make the all-natural, American Style substitution

After Thanksgiving to use in your turkey pot pie, which is made better with A&B American Style Pepper Sauce

FYI: You can freeze extra stock and use it over the next 6 months. Easy example of where to use it: in place of water when making rice (or a turkey paella from the leftovers! oh! great idea!). Also, freeze some of it in ice cube trays for quick access.

Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman from

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