June 29, 2011


Oh, hello. I didn't see you there

Nice to see you. Welcome to the home of A&B American Style Condiments. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We have a simple goal: develop a new style of condiments that use only natural ingredients (never any preservatives) and add the great flavor of fresh chilies to your favorite dishes. A&B American Style Condiments are about the natural qualities of the whole fresh peppers that we use in our sauces - it's about flavor, not just heat.

We're proud to present our first condiment, A&B American Style Pepper Sauce, a pepper sauce that - unlike any hot sauce you've tried before - harnesses the rare Red Fresno chili pepper and brings its unique flavor into the spotlight. Look, anyone who loves chilies knows that, technically, they're fruit and that they grow just like berries do. If you really love chilies, you also know that they have fresh, unique flavors behind their heat. These versatile flavors enhance everything you put on your plate, from delicate dishes like fish to hearty meals like burgers.

So what's the story with other hot sauces? It seems like a lot of them just emphasize the heat of whatever chilies they can get, often tasting like nothing but pain. But don't worry. A&B American Style Pepper Sauce will never hurt you. It's a perfect gentleman with your palate. It's never too forward. It takes it slow, introducing you to the heat of Red Fresnos at your own pace - we don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with. But, just take a little taste. Just once. You'll see that A&B American Style Pepper sauce has a spicy side that might just change your life forever.

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