September 16, 2014


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Check us out: Bon Appetit and the Pillars of Pepper Sauce

The finished product. Photo: Alex Lau

Last week, we brought Matt Gross and Alex Lau from to our kitchen for the first production run of our special edition, NYC Rooftop Pepper Sauce (AVAILABLE SOON!), made with the beautiful chilies from our friends at the Brooklyn Grange.

Matt is a fan of our Pepper Sauces and we can only admire his commitment to learning about all things spicy after he ate 3 Carolina Reaper chilies. We don't mess around with that kind of heat.

We gave him our view of the 4 Pillars of Perfect Pepper Sauce:
1) Chilies
2) Acid
3) Aromatics
4) Salt

We're looking forward to seeing the results of his own experiments. From our conversation, it sounds like he's got lots of interesting ideas.

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