Check us out: "Every kitchen should have a bottle" from Supermarket Guru

Our humble thanks to Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert for naming us "Hit of the Week" in his recent review.

Finally a hot sauce that doesn't contain ketchup or any sugars as ingredients. This is the pure stuff, just white vinegar, red chile and habanero peppers with carrots, onion and salt. The burn is immediate and hot and the flavor is delicious. I could see adding this as a drizzle on top of meat, fish or chicken, mixing it in soups and sauces to give them a zip and of course using it to make the perfect Bloody Mary. every kitchen needs a bottle! 

Our Pepper Sauce scored a 95 out of 100 including perfect scores in 6 of 8 categories. We'll happily take that. But, we want you to know that we're working hard to get those last 5 points we missed.

You can watch the full video review below. A&B American Style Pepper Sauce is the grand finale, starting at 2:51