STUDY: Gender differences are real when it comes to loving spicy foods

The full paper can be found here (if you want to pay $35.95 for it).  We have a lot of questions about this study, but we think a better investment is in 3 bottles of Pepper Sauce. So, just read this summary from Forbes.

In our own experience, there is about an even split between men and women who like spicy food, despite the traditional stigma  that men are more likely to like it. However, we also notice that men who are not interested in spicy food apologize to us  before trying, (and then LOVING, our Pepper Sauces ( in particular our special NYC Rooftop Pepper Sauce  is a great starting point).
Our Facebook fans  split evenly along gender lines, although we seem to overrepresent women relative to Facebook as a whole (see chart).
Our Facebook fan breakdown
We believe we make the realest Pepper Sauce you can buy because we strive after our goal to highlight the flavors of the fresh produce we use. That means everyone can enjoy it for any reason from flavor to more heat.

We make all our Pepper Sauces with fresh ingredients, without sugar, and with 90% less salt. Flavor. Not just heat.

John Oliver takes on sugar just in time for Halloween

You know our stance: added sugar is bad and should be avoided.

We believe added sugar is harmful to people who eat it. Here is one article we find convincing

We want to help you care about the problem. We want you to want us to care about the problem. Part of that is making sure you are on board with the fact that we (the collective "we") have the problem.

To that end, we were ecstatic to see John Oliver, the recent king of viral videos, do an entire segment about sugar. We've embedded the video below. Definitely worth the time to watch it.

Great Moments in American Style History: V-J Day

To celebrate this great event, we're doing Buy One Get One Free on Zaarly through the end of August. Check out our store here

On this day in 1945, Japan officially surrendered to end their involvement in WWII. Learn more about V-J Day.

This famous photo was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Learn more about the photo and see the famous couple reunited in this video.

Fun additional story: B gets a lot of his culinary inspiration from his grandmother. While that part is not a story, V-J Day was the day his grandmother and grandfather went on a date for the first time, setting in motion the chain of events that leads you to this web page today.

So, thank you America for being strong during WWII. And, thank you Grandma Helen for going out with Grandpa George that day.

When you need to celebrate the strength and community of the American people, make sure to reach for flavor, not just heat.

Rooftop Farming: Local chilies thanks to Brooklyn Grange!

Brooklyn Grange
The Brooklyn Grange Farm is amazing. They have two locations, one in Queens and one in Brooklyn. They've turned two boring rooftops into glorious urban farms growing all types of fresh produce according to organic principles. The food they grow is amazing and delicious. In addition, awareness and education programs they do with City Growers are worth supporting and expanding. Reaching more people sooner to make fresh food a part of their lives can be crucial to improving overall health in America.

Thank you to Ben, Brad, Anastasia and the rest of the crew for doing so much to raise awareness of urban farming.

Right now, the Brooklyn Grange Farm in Queens is growing chilies for us (YAY!). We are now accepting pre-orders of a special batch of our Pepper Sauce, available for you in early September.

Take a look at our Instagram below (#nofilter) at our chilies starting to blush.

They'll be ready for sauce in just a few weeks when you can expect extra special flavor, not just heat.

Michael Pollan talks with Adam Platt

Food guru and author, Michael Pollan sat down with Adam Platt to talk about food culture. It's a very interesting, if long read, and we recommend it for everyone. We pulled some interesting quotes below, but read the whole thing at Grubstreet.

We'd love to hear how you feel about what he says.
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The NYTimes on Addictive Junk Food

Grant Cornett for The New York Times
Friends, we're going to be serious here for a minute.

There was an incredibly long and well-researched piece in the NYTimes on Feb 20th. It brings a lot of information about the way big food companies historically tried to increase sales.

The history of Lunchables jumped out in particular. Both A&B have specific memories of Lunchables when we were growing up. Our parents both thought this food was garbage.

As an 8 year old, “B” desperately wanted Lunchables and lobbied for them endlessly. Here’s what his parents said that didn’t quite resonate with his 8 year-old self: “It’s full of garbage. The packaging creates too much garbage and the ingredients are garbage.”

Somehow, Lunchables were cool. The deli meat products looked identical to the sandwiches our parents lovingly made from higher quality ingredients. We consider ourselves lucky that our parents are smarter than us and kept us eating real, quality food.

We are doing what we can to help you live a healthier life. We want you to eat food that leaves you sated both physically and mentally. We want to hear about how you are experimenting in your kitchen (especially if it involves A&B American Style Pepper Sauce).

We think it should be easier to put good food in your belly. We want to be a complement your food and your life (btw, did we mention yet that you look marvelous? Because, you do!).

Our Pepper Sauce makes a lot of things better because we start with flavor. Not just heat.