About Us

What is A&B American Style?

We’re optimistic. We believe in our communities. We believe in our neighbors’ abilities to make good, healthy choices when deciding what to eat. But everywhere we look, we see “foods” that are filled with shocking amounts of sugar, unhealthy levels of sodium and preservatives. We’re doing our part to fix this situation by offering healthy, delicious alternatives.

Our mission is simple: Just Food In Your Food.™

A&B American Style products contain only simple, fresh, healthy ingredients. We do not use refined sugars and never will. Period. We aim to educate our current and future customers about the foods they buy, and to show them that A&B American Style offers better, healthier, simpler alternatives. Simple is good. Keep it simple.

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Who are A&B American Style? 

Ariel was trained as an attorney and decided to shift his focus to help Americans find better food. He created the Pepper Sauce that launched A&B American Style. Inspired by his world travels and international family ties, he is certain that condiments are best when made only with fresh ingredients that have exciting but under-appreciated flavors. A&B American Style aims to harness those flavors in their natural forms.

In 2010, Brian left his suit and tie behind to become a line cook. He believes strongly that people should be more connected to their food and decided to put his money where his mouth is. He had no training, but talked his way into the kitchen where he worked harder than he thought possible. Despite being physically demanding, it was also a rewarding experience. Brian learned about quality food and flavor from some of the best chefs in the country.