If you haven't read our About Us page, do that first.

A&B American Style makes all-natural condiments from fresh ingredients. We don’t add any sugar or artificial preservatives. We only put food in your food. Our first product was A&B American Style Pepper Sauce and it earned us the title of Best Food Artisan of 2012 by Serious Eats. Since then, we’ve expanded our distribution and continue on our mission: Just food in your food.™


About this Role 

We are a small company looking for motivated people who want to learn about the food industry from top to bottom. You will work directly with the founders of the company on the aspects of the business that most excite you. These include production, operations, sales, and marketing.

Areas of Focus that Need You:

  1. Sales: Sales to wholesale customers and post-sale support, assist with in-store demos and events (e.g., Smorgasburg) to get in front of both wholesale buyers and retail customers
  2. Merchandising: Help retailers with placement, item tags and pricing for our products
  3. Marketing: Develop recipes, write blog posts, create visual content to support our brand
  4. Production: Find new vendors to help scale production and maintain quality
  5. Operations: Manage inventory, forecast future needs, identify areas for increased efficiency

The Job is Right For You If:

  • You want to be part of a start-up that is gaining traction
  • You are motivated, well-organized and capable of directing your own projects
  • You will ask for help when you need help
  • You love working to solve hard problems
  • You have specific interest in healthy, natural foods
  • You like people and want to help them achieve their own goals

To Apply: Email jobs at abamerican.com with a link to your LinkedIn profile and a brief description of your interest in our company and the areas of focus that most excite you.