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We make Pepper Sauces from chili peppers, vinegar, fresh vegetables, and salt. That's why we say: Just food in your food.™

These are Pepper Sauces because they taste more like chilies and the aromatic vegetables we add to the mix than any "hot sauce" you'll find in a grocery store or online. We use simple ingredients + artisan technique to produce the best tasting spicy condiment available to buy. The simple names of each flavor understate the complex flavors that come out of each bottle for each bite.

No one does a better job of capturing and highlighting the flavor of natural chilies than we do. And we do it without adding sugar or artificial preservatives and with only 10mg of sodium (90% less than most brands).

Flavor. Not just heat.™

Learn more about our products in our online store or check out our marketing handouts below. Products are shelf stable up to 2 years from production date. Separation is natural. Shake before use. Refrigerate after opening.

Learn more about us and our guiding principles on our About Us page.

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