Wholesale Marketing Materials

Thank you for checking out our marketing materials for our wholesale accounts. Please also check out this page for additional product information.

We're very excited to be included among Oprah's Favorite Things for 2015 and we hope you are, too!

We designed a shelf-talker (4x3") and a full-page for stand-up display (8.5x11") and are happy to get them to you for the holidays.

Contact us for more information: support@abamerican.com

All orders placed directly with us will include shelf talkers.

If you order through a distributor, please email us: support@abamerican.com and we will mail your requested materials ASAP.

Here is what Oprah said:

"Stedman and I are a hot sauce family, and I can tell you these pepper sauces are for real! The fresh ingredients give them flavor that's just as intense as the heat. Pass the catfish, please..." - Oprah


The images are below for your reference and high-resolution versions are available for download to print from this dropbox folder. Or you can save the images as presented below.

If you see other images anywhere on our website or social media (@ABAmericanStyle), please feel free to grab them for use or ask us to send you the file. And, please note the usage guidelines at the bottom of this page. In particular, the spelling of A&B American Style and our individual flavor names. 


Shelf Talker

Shelf Talker 4x3"


Full Page For Stand-Up Display


Full Page Display

Usage Guidelines for your Website or Printed Materials

Feel free to use any of these assets to promote A&B American Style. Do not modify, deface, superimpose, or otherwise alter the brand's media made available on this site. In publication, the brand should be referred to by its full name -- "A&B American Style" -- with the ampersand "&" (for example, not shortened to "AB American Style" and definitely not to "AB American").

Our products should be referred to by their full names: "Original Pepper Sauce", "With Garlic Pepper Sauce", "More Heat Pepper Sauce", "Organic Jalapeño Pepper Sauce", and "NYC Rooftop Pepper Sauce". The full brand and product name should not be shortened or altered (for example, not stated as "A&B Pepper Sauce" and definitely not as "AB hot sauce").

For additional images (logo, press clippings, etc.) and any other requests, please contact us.