Gift Set | 2 Pepper Sauces & Oyster Shucker

Get it on your oysters. This set has everything you need to enjoy your favorite bivalves (except the bivalves).

Included with your assorted bottles of Pepper Sauce is a very sturdy, very handsome oyster shucker.

If you've never shucked your own oysters, you are missing out. In addition to being extremely delicious, shucking yourself is fun. The closer you get to producing your food, the more you can taste the accomplishment in it.

Our Pepper Sauces pair amazingly well with oysters. That's why you'll find us at Aureole's annual Oyster Social each year.

Our Pepper Sauces are made with a blend of vinegar, chilies, vegetables and aromatics, and salt. We bring out the best of the whole food ingredients we use.

Find out why Bon Appétit called our Pepper Sauces "one of my new favorite hot sauces."

Flavor. Not just heat.™

Simple. No sugar. Nothing artificial. Just food in your food.™

Includes: Your choices of two (2) 8 ounce bottles of Pepper Sauce and one handsome oyster shucker

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